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Club Lounge ;pipl[style ff:Arial Black;co: #5a07a8;b;] Kick back and enjoy a (c) or (d) With friends new and old.[br] Enjoy tunes of your choice from the many Chat Club stations! 0 English
HelpDesk (chat) 0 English
Casbar (sonc);dj:~[style ff:Arial Black;co: #FF0000;b;] Sonic Radio Chat ^^:Listen to Tunes (t13)[br]Have a Laugh;blolLive Dj's (vj);dr:gtar:gr [br](sonic) 4 English
GriffinFM WELCOME TO THE JUKEBOX - FOR REQUESTS EMAIL [email protected] 1 English
OuseRadio (ouse) Chat! 1 English
SonicDJ Sonic Radio DJ Room! 1 English
Test (mirc)[style ff:Arial Black;co: #0000e6;b;]Script Test Room. All Owned Play Nice! (mirc) 1 English
RaveRock Rave Rock Radio Chat Room [br] (rave) 0 English
The Trivia Place [style ff:Arial Black;co: ##2D5C36;b;] (brb)(r*)(**)(r*)(i) ! Super Trivia Game ! (i)(brb)(r*)(**) (r*)(i)[br](st5) 0 English
Trivia Shootout Testing Super Trivia Scripts & Mods (Pete®tje's ST5)[br]50 Question Shootout. Grab a friend and have a Shootout! 0 English

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